Piano Recital April 27, 1980
English Suite in Am-2nd Movement
Johann Sebastien Bach
Scherzo in Bbm
Frederick Chopin
Jeux D'eaux
Maurice Ravel
Concerto #2 Op. 18- 2nd Movement
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Suite For Flute And Jazz Piano
Baroque And Blue
Claude Bolling
just got these songs transferred from a cassette to a CD, finally after all these years, and thought it would be fun to put them on my site. This was my Honors Graduation Recital from SUNY Fredonia on April 27th, 1980. I apologize for the poor sound quality but it's not too bad considering it came from a cassette of a recital that was performed over 28 years ago. It's hard to believe that I even did this.......What was I thinking??? :) It was probably the scariest moment of my life, to date, on stage. I remember being in the green room at the warm up piano and looking at the clock and realizing it was 8PM  and I had to go out and start. My first thought was "I could leave right now and  be half way to Canada before anyone knew I was gone"!!!  Thankfully, thoughts are fleeting and I had the guts to get up and walk out on that stage. It wasn't perfect. There are a few mistakes here and there, mostly because it was so bloody hot in the recital hall and in those days my hands sweat when I was nervous. With that in mind, there are a few places where I could barely keep my hands on the keys. Overall,  it was quite outstanding. My piano teacher talked in short hand and he would say " Horrowitz....mistakes.....everywhere..... tone....perfection"!!  I always strived to make beautiful music when I played and I think I accomplished that here. By the way,  the Jazz piece was called a "recreational" piece. We were allowed to add one to our program as long as we met all our  traditional recital requirements. I have always tried to really entertain my audiences.....even back when I was 21!!! 
By the way......that is a picture of me in 1980. what can I say....I had just come out of the 70's!!!!!
I hope you enjoy it.............
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