For those of you who are visiting here for the first time, I chose to incorporate my Life Coaching site with my Show Biz site because this website represents all of my greatest passions in life. If I wasn't working in Show Biz, I'd be coaching full time. Given that, I thought it only fitting to blend them together!
     My intention for this site, and for my coaching, is to save you time and money, so I'm not going to give you a lot of info to sift through here......just the bottom line stuff you need to know. You can ask me whatever you like when you call to schedule your first coaching session. Just know that I have been coaching for the last 16 years and am global thanks to Skype.         
    To make an appointment, call me at 310-871-4916 (East Coast Time Zone), or Skype me at rremjr, then come back to this page and pay for your session using the link on the left. All sessions are done on the phone or through Skype. As long as you pay before your scheduled coaching, you're good to go!  
    My promise to you is that I will give you everthing I've got and make you feel like you received the "deal of the century!"

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1/2 Hour Sessions
What can Life Coaching do for you?

  • Figure out what is blocking you and get "un-stuck"!
  • Move from the passenger seat to the drivers seat of your life!
  • Improve all your relationships!
  • Learn how to generate peace instead of anxiety!
  • Learn how to generate happiness in the face of ANYTHING! 
  • Learn how to actually get results from the Law Of Attraction!
  • Learn how to really love yourself!

These are just a few of the benefits of my coaching sessions and I have personally tested all of them out on myself! THEY WORK!
Hello and welcome to my Life Coaching site!

"Bob is one of the best listeners I have ever had the honor of knowing. He has the unique ability to cut through all the BS and get straight to the heart of the matter- simply, calmly and clearly. His intelligence comes through in how he asks the questions that deepen my relationship with him but more importantly, it deepens the relationship with myself. Each session I grow closer and closer to loving myself and seeing my truth as a human." Jen.....Hoboken, NJ
"Thank you Bob!  You really helped me when I needed it most.   Your intelligence and positive energy gave me the confidence I needed.  I wish everyone were as sensible and thoughtful as you are.  No matter what the circumstances, I'm confident that you know what you are talking about, and you understand people.  It is the comfort and hope you gave me which made me better understand myself.  You hold firm in your convictions and I so admire you for it.  Thank you for being you.  It's a joy to know you." Dallas......Sherman Oaks, Ca
"Bob, is always able to stay connected while remaining objective and
helping you to create or change  your new point of view."  Ann......Los Angeles, Ca
"I don't need to be protected from the world, I just need to be protected from my thoughts about the world.  That was a "biggie" for me. Thanks Bob for that!"  Scott......NYC, NY
"Bob Mundy saves you time and money. He will cut to the core of your issue and help you see the answer that will move you forward in your life."   Grant....Palm Springs, Ca
"I just thank God to have found you on my path (way). You have helped me a lot. It is easy to talk to you because you always listen and afterwards speak very clearly and directly, always telling the truth.
I can only say good things about you!"    Doris..........Barcelona, Spain
"Bob, allowed me to see things in a different light, which let me feel better about myself and my life. Thanks for that, Bob!"   Peter.......NYC/LA
"Commitment, is where it starts-- Bob will help you find where your commitment is leading you !"
Damara........Los Angeles, Ca

For Coaching To Be Successful you Need To Be:

  • Ready
  • Willing
  • Coachable