Take My Love Tonight
Music & Lyrics by Bob Mundy & Lynn Portas
Copywrite @ 2005
The Way You Make Me Feel
Music & Lyrics by Michel Legrand, Alan & Marilyn Bergman
Once Again
Music & Lyrics by Bob Mundy & Lynn Portas
Copywrite @ 2005
Vocal Demos
This is a song I wrote with my friend Lynn Portas, shortly after we met on the NewYork City set of Tony & Tina's Wedding. in 1993. Lynn is one of those songwriters who has an endless supply of brilliant melodies. I think this somg took 30 minutes to write. Premik Russell Tubs is playing the guitar solo. He's actually a brilliant sax player and can be heard on Whitney Houston's "How will I know." Premik produced this track with me! and I am doing all the vocals, including the background vocals!
This song is actually from the Movie "Yentil". I never felt it got the due it deserved so I wrote this piano arrangement and recorded the track.  Michel Legrand and Alan & Marilyn Bergman are on my short list of favorite songwriters!
This is another song I wrote with my friend Lynn Portas and co-produced with my friend Premik Russell Tubs. He is also playing the instrumental solo on this track and I am doing all the vocals, including the background vocals!
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Jingle Demo
Folgers, Fedx, Macy's, Carl's Jr.
This is a demo I did in, I think, 1990. It was my first time in a recording studio and I had a blast. By the way, I am doing all the vocals, male & female. In the Fedx jingle we used 13 part jazz harmony. not easy to do at 3am. When my producer found out I had 4 octaves he changed the Carl's Jr. to Opera so I could do all 4 parts (SATB). For those of you who know music, it's a high D at the end and it's all me!!!!
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I Am You
Music & Lyrics by Scott Smith
For The Hollywood Talent Quest

In September of 2008 I auditioned for a new Singing Competition/Reality Show called Hollywood Talent Quest and made it to the finals. There were 5 finalists. Each of us recorded a song of our choice which were posted on the competition website and voting took place between Nov 5th & the 12th. I won second place. This song was recommended by Don Grierson who is a well known A & R person in the Music Recording world. I immediately felt a connection with the song and this is the arrangement that we came up with. I hope you like the song!